Pet City in Fort Collins is an independent, family-owned-and-operated pet store.

We believe that all the animals under our care should be happy and healthy. Our suppliers are the best we can find. For example, our guinea pigs are raised by two ladies who are passionate about their animals. Our pigs are the brothers, sisters and offspring of show pigs.

We breed our own hamsters.

Truly, our favorites are the puppies. We take annual trips to visit our breeders so we can say that our puppies come from quality, reputable breeders who care about the welfare of parents and puppies.
We work very hard to ensure that time spent in “The Local Pet Shop” is a pleasant experience for the pets we sell and the people who take them home.

Everything we do centers on providing the best family pets possible.

It starts with the breeders. We do not buy puppies from backyard amateurs or people who are not experienced at raising puppies. Breeding and caring for healthy puppies is not something taken lightly. That’s why we get our puppies from USDA licensed professionals whom we trust. Health is of prime importance. Before the puppies get to us, each is checked over by a vet. We make certain that they receive timely vaccination, wormings and other necessary medications. If a puppy gets sick we take him to our vet. When we send a puppy home with you we offer a free vet visit.

We sell puppies that we think will make great pets. If you are looking for a champion show dog or an aggressive guard dog, you’ll have to go somewhere else. We love the pets we have in our home and want to make sure that each of our customers is as happy with theirs as we are with ours.

We take all of these steps to insure that the puppy you bring home is happy, healthy, and just the right match for you.

Come visit the cleanest pet store in Northern Colorado!

Our new location is between Albertsons and Buttercream Cupcakery on the SW corner of College and Horsetooth.

Ask about our health guarantee and free veterinary visit.


We have it all!


Registered and mixed breed puppies from quality breeders

Kittens • Ferrets • Guinea pigs • Rabbits • Hamsters

Shampoo • Dental Care • Brushes • Kennels • Dog Beds • Dog Puzzles • Soft Toys • Hard Toys • Treats • Dog Clothing

The biggest selection of Hamilton leashes and collars in Colorado.


Where do our puppies come from?

We deal with about 40 different breeders who love dogs and love to raise puppies.  We do NOT get our puppies from puppy mills.

What happens to the puppies that do not sell?

Every puppy that comes in to our shop finds a home.  We do not give unsold puppies back to the breeders.  We do not send puppies to shelters or rescues.  We send puppies home with people who want them and will give them a forever home.

Is this Pet City part of a big corporation?

Pet city used to be a franchise, but it has since dissolved.  Our store is family owned, completely independent of any other store.  We are your neighbors.  We love our own pets (two dogs, two cats and 2 birds) and we love to find good homes for the pets in our shop.

Can you put a puppy on hold?

Yes!  Our hold policy is as follows.  We offer an hour hold for free.  24 hours takes a 10% non refundable deposit.  That deposit goes towards the purchase of the puppy.  When you have put money down on a puppy no one else will hold that puppy except our staff.  Anything longer than 24 hours  will be handled on a case by case basis.  Just ask and we’ll see what we can work out!

We hear over and over again how our puppies are happy, loving companions who make a wonderful part of the family.

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